Went I.T. Services, Paignton

2005 - now

Self employed contractor/consultant


Main contract 1 (Insignia Creative, formerly CanCan Design, formerly Gamalan Media)

Designed & developed an e-commerce content management system (CMS) package in VB.NET, C# and VB6, with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.

Developed programs in VB.NET and VB6 for stock control, and telesales ordering.

Construction and development of e-commerce web sites in ASP.NET and ASP, including links to existing SAGE and OrderWise systems and to an Insurance Quotation system.

Provided links between e-commerce web sites using Magento, and existing SAGE and OPERA3 systems

General IT Support and maintenance.

Main contract 2 (Vetronic Services)

Designed and developed an intranet site for monitoring and controlling stock, with links to their existing SAGE system.

Designed and developed software in C++ and C# for real-time control of anaesthetic and vital vital signs monitoring hardware for vetinary practices, including links to Patient Management Systems.

Further contract (Devon Driving)

Developed software in C# for response time monitoring.

Other contracts

Construction and development of web sites for six other clients.

General IT Support for two of those clients.