25th March 1977

Brian Whitehead, Senior Implementation Officer, George 2 Services Branch, ICL Dataskil

Subject: Dowty Group Services - George 2+ Standards

These standards provide a comprehensive and precise guide to the use of GEORGE 2+ and, as such, I can find little to comment upon. I have a high regard for the technical competence of both Derrick Went and Adrian Lawson and as they both have thorough knowledge of GEORGE 2+, I have no doubts about the efficient use of the system. (...)

4th October 1989

Richard Barton, President, The Barton Group

With the major portion of RELEASE development for MSA behind us I must say that DST has done an outstanding job. The first delivery of the product elated MSA! The almost perfect match on functionality and the appearance of only minor 'cosmetic' flaws has established a credible reputation for us.

This project had very high visibility and a complex requirement. I would like to personally thank your team for their efforts. Derrick went for directing the effort to successfully deliver under a very tight schedule. (...)

Thank you all for your contribution to making this a winning situation for everyone involved!

20th April 1990

Malcolm Graham, AUTO-MATE PLUS Development Manager, LBMS

Can you please express my thanks to Derrick and Matthew for the work they have done to get the product up to the level required for release. (...)

4th February 1994

Alan Franklin, AT&T

Derrick is a quiet, unassuming person with whom I get on well and I believe that goes for everybody else that comes into contact with him. He has generally completed work within timescales to which he has committed. He is technically very adept with a wide range of experience with both PC's and mainframes. If I can't find an answer to a PC problem within the CTP team then Derrick is the first person that I would contact for advice. He seems to organise his work very well and controls and manages the APG2 PC environment (releases, backups, version control, etc) in a professional manner.

4th January 1995

Chris Hughes, Development Director, FARS, AT&T

I would like to send my whole hearted thanks to everyone of you for your hard work and commitment to this project. It is through the dedication of each of you that this project has succeeded against great pressures from the immovable date of today.

It is also rewarding to see the achievement of introducing new technologies into the project, which I am sure, will bring great benefits to the service and satisfaction to all staff involved.

I know we have some way to go before the service is completed and bedded down, but today is a real successful milestone, well done to you all.

4th January 1995

Chris Haynes, Chief Technical Officer, AT&T

Today we can celebrate the success of the first operational Object Oriented system in AT&T ISTEL. The Insurance Industry went live yesterday with its new online quotation system (known internally as RRR) and by lunch time it had successfully handled the specified peak load as insurance agents processed their holiday backlog.

The Object Oriented part of the RRR system links many processors with a network of Communicating Objects - conversing using the International CORBA standard and coded in C++. This live use of distributed objects in a customer service is believed to be a first in AT&T.

My congratulations to the Object Technology team of Bill Brook, Andy Carlson, Paul Jeffs, Gary Howe, Keith Sherratt, Derrick Went and to the rest of the FTRS Inview RRR team at Gloucester, for this successful development - which has taken less than seven months.

Derrick - Well done and thanks.

19th January 1995

Chris Hughes, Development Director, FARS, AT&T

We discussed Derrick's performance rather than achievements, and agreed he had performed well throughout the year. The year started with Derrick exposed to a new environment and culture which over the year he has adapted to well.

He is establishing himself now with new skills in INFORMIX, UNIX, O-O, and DOME. He now has to become an established authority to advise and guide.

Derrick has supported the RRR project very well helping to resolve the issues with the technical components of DOME. He has exposed himself to Merit (Supplier/Partner) with success, but now has to feel comfortable with customers.

Derrick has become a good team member.

11th August 1995

Brian Ashley, AT&T

Peter Ayliffe rang me yesterday and (amongst a number of other things) he told me that he visited his BIS team in Brighton recently. He said that he was most impressed by the "flexibility" being built in to the BIS application and that the TSB team were singing the praises of the AT&T team because we have been pro-actively making suggestions which have enhanced the capabilities and flexibility of the BIS system.

This is wonderful news! Peter is now firmly of the opinion that AT&T ISTEL are an excellent development partner and that we do add considerable value to the Bank. Obviously this stands us in good stead for any future business.


30th November 1995

Chris Baldwin, Head of Development, TSB

Many thanks for you and your team's contribution and hard work in the run up to the implementation of TSB Plus.

Technically and logistically it has been a very challenging project but with the excellent attitude and team work it has been a success.

Once again, congratulations and many thanks.

21st December 1995

Peter Ayliffe, Director of Product Marketing, TSB

I thought you might be interested to know that the month in which we launched TSB Plus turned out to be a record month for the recruitment of new credit cards. With both balance and turnover also up, this was a most pleasing introduction to this unique service from a finance company. We clearly still have a very long way to go before we achieve all the objectives we set ourselves for TSB Plus but at least we've made an excellent start.

This has been a major project and one which enables our customers to benefit from their brand-wide relationship with TSB - try matching that competitors! However, it has been made possible thanks to the professionalism, determination and creativity of all of you who have worked on the project. Thank you for all your support throughout the year, it really is much appreciated.

3rd January 1996

Chris Hughes, Development Director, FARS, AT&T

It is normal to expect everybody to work hard on a project and one of the rewards is that you are paid accordingly. However, on the TSB project it was recognised that staff went the extra mile to ensure everything possible was done to meet the customer's needs. I know how hard this was for individuals at times and also the effect on their private lives especially those of you with partners. (...)

20th December 1996

Neil Hughes, Manager, AT&T

Derrick performed in an accomplished and efficient manner during 1996 and especially on Tanker Brokers proved an extremely productive and reliable individual.


In summary, Derrick has again proved himself to be an efficient, reliable and productive member of a number of project teams and is to be congratulated on an excellent 1996.

16th April 1997

Neil Hughes, Manager, AT&T

Key points from the review:

  • Contributing well to Northern Electric, equal creative input with Iain Clucas.
  • Very productive to date on this project and has produced high standard of documentation.
  • Presented the Business Requirements and the Functional Requirements well at a technical level but was not so comfortable with a broad range of audience spread. Derrick has recognised this and suggested that the audience should have been segregated.
  • Quality of analysis work (effectively his first real implementation of OMT/UML) has been good.


14th July 1997

Neil Hughes, Manager, AT&T

Key points from the review:

  • Continues to perform to a high standard, responsive, productive and flexible.
  • Performs work on own initiative, e.g. proactively modelled the travel market.
  • Since the last review (7/4), work has been very much coding based and this has resulted in a knowledge gathering exercise (eg OCX's, conversion from VB to Delphi). Work has been produced to or ahead of the plan.


20th January 1998

Ian Clucas, AT&T

Derrick Went is an excellent technician who is very capable in both the role of Business Analyst and developer. He is the kind of professional that this company needs to retain to have any chance of success. If he would like to transfer to Kerry's division then I would certainly welcome him.

26th January 1998

John Francis, AT&T

I have come to rely on Derrick for his fastidious and quiet help.

His work on Northern Electric showed that he is truly a creative and fearless engineer and was an impressive example of how to make maximum benefit from the technologies available.

The Post Office is the third pressurised project I have worked on with him, and again I have relied on his detailed and uncomplaining assistance during design work. Again the fastidiousness of his communications with OpenMarket will ( when AT&T gets it's act together) enable us to put heavy pressure on a less than cooperative supplier, and his attention to detail and documentation have been brilliant (I know of no other person with such patience). I do not think that this is the best use of Derrick's skills (he is too polite for one thing and this is an agressive dailogue ), I think that he is a technology/solution focused person, and this is a political / managerial role.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Derrick for his help and support.

29th January 1998

Kevin Parker, Manager, AT&T

It was recognised that Derrick's work on Northern Electric had great potential value to the company, however a concern was raised that the potential would not be realised.


Other comments noted were:

  • reliable for his fastidious & quiet help
  • able to harness the capabilities of available technologies and use to maximum benefit
  • uncomplaining (to a fault)
  • attention to detail & documentation is excellent
  • best utilised in a technical role, possibly not forceful enough when drawn into politcal/managerial discussion
  • a pleasure to work with
  • remains calm and unruffled under pressure
  • good self-management and organisation skills
  • can be relied to complete allocated tasks, rarely needs chasing or reminding
  • valuable team member
  • excellent technician

17th April 1998

Mukesh Patel, AT&T

I would like to formally thank all of you for the effort you put in to ensure we met our "testing" commitments with Natwest. We now have some work to do in order to resolve some minor issue which I am sure we should be able to do fairly rapidly.

18th May 1998

Sital Bahia, AT&T

The ChocExpress WebCommerce site went live today (18th May). I would like to thank you for all your hard work over the last few weeks, particularly during Friday 15th and Saturday 16th.

Angus Thirlwell has signed and returned an Acceptance Certificate this morning. However, due to the short testing time (Saturday only) he will be asking other staff members of ChocExpress to 'test' the site over the next two days. I do not see any major issues coming out of this testing.

This site will be registered with the search engines during next week.

19th May 1998

Peter Walsh, AT&T

We just did it! A big thank you for deploying the new (first!) web site promoting our Internet services, namely WebPresence and WebCommerce.This adds massive credability to our offering, provides an additional sales lead generation channel and is something that we can all be proud of.

We met the deadline for having the site up as part of our first E-Commerce event (seminar, demos etc), which took place in London to 30 Marketing Managers from qualified prospects yesterday. The feedback has been good so far.

The site will be further enhanced within the next week or so with the addition of a demonstration web store linking into our Open Market Transact platform. A formatted Enquiry Form will also be uploaded. This will make the website an important sales tool for displaying our e-commerce capability to prospects.

22nd May 1998

Richard Ashfield, AT&T

Please see attached from Brian Ashley regarding launch of the PO Mall and WebCommerce.

I would only add my own congratulations and thanks for your efforts during my time on the project.

22nd May 1998

Brian Ashley, AT&T

I would like to send my sincere thanks to everybody in development that has contributed to the successful launch of the PO Shopping Mall. It's been a long hard slog but worth the effort. The PO are delighted with the launch and AT&T have got a new set of offers that CAP want to build on.


22nd May 1998

Brian Ashley, AT&T

Yesterday at 4.45 PM a new Finance & Commerce service was launched. This is a tremendous achievement and represents a lot of hard work by the team of people from F&C and Central Operations.

The product is our Secure Transaction Service and The Post Office Shopping Mall.


I have no doubt that I will miss someone from this list of people who worked tirelessly over the past few months.

20th December 1998

Kevin Parker, Manager, Cap Gemini

Derrick is recognised within the group for his in depth technical knowledge and ability to apply this to varying business requirements. Specifically in the areas of OO programming, C++, Java , OMT/WebCommerce , and use of the Select CASE tool.


Excellent technical knowledge and extensive experience in practical application of these skills.

Reliable , conscientious , and self-motivated worker.

Mature and pragmatic approach to work, focuses well on completion of tasks.

22nd March 1999

Tony Humphreys, Post Office Research Group

Just a short, belated, note of appreciation for the time Derrick spent going over the Web Commerce implementation experience with me. I hope I didn't take up too much of his time.

The session gave me an invaluable insight on behalf of the Post Office which will be reflected in the work we are doing to create a similar infrastructure.


May 1999

Kevin Parker, Manager, Cap Gemini


Technical skills/knowledge/aptitude

Applications design/development

Methodical, thorough and quick worker


Derrick's work on the BPM training and strategy database can be singled out for praise. This was developed quickly and professionally, meeting customer requirements and ensuring professional support documentation was created and maintained. The need to quickly learn detailed "Access97" and "Visual Basic for applications" features demonstrated Derrick's ability and aptitude in a technical/development role.

11th December 2001>

Jonathan Whiteside, Architecture Team Manager, Assuresoft

Derrick's work has been of a high standard. He has shown his commitment to the role in undertaking the exceptional requirements of working with PSEngineering eg foreign travel, language and cultural differences, etc

Derrick has made a significant contribution to the work and growth of the architecture team this year. Of particular note is his work on quotes migration; this started as a brainstorming session in Annecy in February and finished with a migration tool which met the project's objectives.

11th March 2003

Jonathan Whiteside, Architecture Team Manager, Assuresoft

Derrick has performed over this period in his usual quiet, reliable way and continues to be a key team member. He has shown a good attitude to the changes brought about by the varying focus of the team throughout the period although he was clearly frustrated by them.