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Individual learning plans

Students who have disclosed a disability to the University and received access advice and support from the DRC will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Each ILP will have been compiled following a full assessment and it contains a list of recommendations specific to the disability of the student which the University should put in place. The adjustments recommended are designed to support the student’s access to their programme so that the impact of their disability does not impair their university experience. Students sign their ILP so they know exactly what has been recommended and who will receive copies of the plans. The Disability Resource Centre will send a copy of each ILP to one member of staff in the School where the student will be studying or is studying. The ILP is then circulated to all the members of staff who work with the student. This procedure should help to ensure that all relevant members of staff are made aware of any students with disabilities who will be studying or are studying on programmes in their school. Although the students who have ILPs have agreed to disclose the information on them, it is still important to be aware of confidentiality issues and data protection should be observed in the passing on and storing of these documents. ILPs contain a page which personal tutors and students can use to review existing arrangements so a current record of support measures can be maintained.

It is hoped that we can move towards the secure electronic transfer of this information to ease the process so relevant staff can access the specific information on the students and make the recommended adjustments.


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