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Inclusive policies, practices and procedures

The Disability Equality Duty is an amendment to the DDA and requires all public bodies to have an ongoing responsibility for eliminating discrimination in all policies, practices and procedures. By December 2006 institutions must produce a Disability Equality Scheme which reports on the progress that has been made in assessing institutional ways of working and what is intended and planned for the next 3 years. The Equality and Diversity Manager ( will lead the development of the Scheme.

Examining policies, practices and procedures for their impact on people with disabilities and consulting them in this process will raise awareness of accessibility issues as will the information contained in sections of this resource.

It is important for all staff to be aware of their responsibilities with regard to ensuring accessibility and the responsibilities of others. Different School and service areas will have different ways of working but it is useful for all staff to know who has responsibility in specific areas:

  • publicising programme information – Schools to ensure that clear information is provided about programme content and learning, teaching and assessment methods and CAP to ensure that published materials are accessible and available in a range of different formats.
  • recommending reasonable adjustments for students in learning and teaching, exams and accommodation – DRC (link to
  • providing ongoing non-programme related academic support - DRC
  • receiving information about student with disabilities in Schools – Disability Representatives (link to list of Dis Reps- to come)
  • implementing reasonable adjustments – staff in schools who teach/support students with disabilities
  • supporting staff with disabilities – Occupational Health and line managers
  • arranging placements, study abroad and field trips - staff in Schools
  • booking accessible teaching rooms – staff in schools through timetabling & room bookings
  • physical accessibility issues, inc. hearing loops – Buildings and Estates (link to
  • examination arrangements – DRC (link to negotiate with registry adjustments based in assessed individual need
  • in class assessments – adjustments should be recommended by DRC (link to and implemented by staff in schools. Information should be included in students’ ILPs (link to ILP section)
  • informing staff of disability / adjustments recommended – DRC (link to and students. The DRC encourages students to discuss needs with staff so positive communication about disability adjustments can take place. The DRC contact all students who disclose a disability, it is then the students’ responsibility to approach DRC for support and provide information to allow accurate and affective support measures to be arranged.

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