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Disclosure of disability

Students with disabilities should have many opportunities to disclose their disability: during application, at registration and throughout their programme of study. Students may not have disclosed their disability on their UCAS form or they may have a diagnosis of disability after application, hence, it is essential to encourage disclosure on more than one occasion. It is good practice to do this at the beginning of each academic year because that will give new as well as existing students an opportunity to disclose.

Staff may become aware that a student has a disability and could benefit from support, if this is the case it is advisable to discuss your concerns with the student by arranging a short individual meeting so that a confidential context is created. If a student discloses a disability to you explain that they should visit the Disability Resource Centre where their needs can be fully assessed and specific support can be arranged.

The disclosure process is explained on the DRC website and disclosure forms are available to download.


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